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This is our classifieds and announcements page. If you’d like to advertise or announce something, anything (as long as it’s within reason) we’ll post it. Send us a few lines and a photo (if applicable) to news.thescoop@gmail.com.


⊕ December 18, 2015

photo credit: xerraireart.com

The Scoop is looking for a few dedicated and interested young peeps to get more involved for our next issue. Here’s what we need.

Someone to help

  • edit the articles written
  • select and enhance photos when needed
  • upload articles and photos
  • curate the “Scrap Yard” collages
  • manage and post advertisements to the classifieds and announcements page
  • create a basic style guide (standards for the writing and design of our articles and website)
  • make sure all posts adhere to the style guide

Of course, you’ll have guidance on how to, but you have to be willing to sometimes do parts of a task that you may not always want to do.

Ready? Send a note to news.thescoop@gmail.com answering the following:

  • What of the above are you interested in doing and why?
  • If there is ever a part of a job you’ve agreed to do but don’t want to, how will you get it done anyway?


⊕ December 18, 2015

photo credit: falcotech.it

Hey Contributors,

Want to make some short films about stuff? Do it! We can put it in our next issue. Send topic ideas to news.thescoop@gmail.com.