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Our columnists are here to answer questions about your life, your children, your this or that. Got a question? Send it in…anonymously!

Thanks to those who’ve already entrusted us with their most pressing issues. Our answers are below: 


Question 1.

What should I do if my kids chose their housekeeping task, agree to do it but can’t remember to do it and I always have to disrupt them while they are playing because they forgot again to do it in time for what we agreed together? 

Dear Anonymous, 

Sorry that you have this problem. Please read the following:

  1. Set a small punishment for not doing the chores.
  2. Set a locked timer on their computer that buzzes every thirty minutes.
  3. No screens until their work is done.

I hope these suggestions help resolve your problem. 

-♠ Sarah Chicken Pox


Question 2.

What should I do if I need to repeat at least 3 to 4 times to my kid to do his school work?  

Dear random adult,

Sorry that you have this problem. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Give your kid one billion dollars!
  2. Also, offer other rewards they might like.
  3. Try to make the work more fun for your kid.
  4. Only let him or her use their computer or play video games after they are finished with schoolwork.

I hope that helps. Thanks for shopping with us!

 -♣ Stephen Harper


Question 3.

I went to the movies with my brother last week. We got there really early so we could get good seats. (I was taking him out for his birthday). We were sitting in what we considered the very best seats in the theatre chatting when the commercials (not the trailers) started on the big screen and they were so loud that we couldn’t talk easily. We decided to sit just outside the movie theatre but to save our seats we put our coats, bags and bicycle helmets on the seats. When we returned twenty minutes later with our popcorn we found the theatre almost completely full and our things piled at the edge of the row. We talked to the people who had taken our seats and they were unapologetic and certainly not moving anywhere. What would you have done in our situation?

Dear anonymous,

I would suggest that you do NOT leave things in your seats and have your conversations after the movie. But if you really want to talk, text each other. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do because some people are just jerks. 

-♦ JoJo Johnny John


Question 4.

Lately, I’ve been so busy that sticking to a schedule is impossible. Twice I’ve overbooked business and children related activities by mistake. So once I canceled a child related activity and once I canceled a business meeting. Both are priorities but I’m having a hard time keeping everything straight. What should I do?

Dear Person,

Sorry that you are having this problem. Arrange your schedule in advance. Organize your schedule so that the most important things are first and the least important things are at the end. Ask our boss(es) to arrange for you to have different work hours.

I hope that helps.

 -♥ Hip Taylor

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