Warriors: Book Review

By Odessa R.

Warriors is a series of books on cats who live in the wild, where they live in four different clans. Each clan has a leader, a deputy, a medicine cat, warriors, elders, apprentices and kits.

In every clan, there are about 30 cats.

In each book, there is usually a disaster like a huge battle between the clans, a few cats die, or they might starve and have this terrible sickness that half the clan gets. Apart from those things, this series can be mysterious and somewhat funny. It is a really great series for those who love cats and even just animals in general.

The first book starts with a kittypet (a cat who lives with people) whose name is Rusty. He happens to be hunting near the forest and finds a cat who is around his age and is from ThunderClan, one of the four clans. After the clan’s leader comes and tries to persuade Rusty to join ThunderClan, Rusty does not know what to do. In the end he follows the leader into the depths of the forest where the four clans live. This is how the series begins.

The books go on for generations and generations, mainly based on ThunderClan. There are also other stand-alone books from one cat’s point of view, how they grow up, if they become a medicine cat, a leader or die. Also, there are novellas that are pretty much like the stand alone books but shorter.

In the newest book, one of the cats has to save a clan that lost its territory. He doesn’t succeed, but on his way home, the cat finds two lost kittens in a tunnel. He decides to bring them home, but finally, his clan only gets to keep one of the two kittens, while the other one goes to ShadowClan, the most vicious clan.

If you really don’t like cats, there is a whole other series about dogs, called Survivors, and one about polar bears, called Seekers. There is even a website, (www.warriorcats.com), where there are adventure games, cat family trees and pages just telling you about the cats and the new books.

One thing to remember: When reading these books, don’t forget to start with the first series because it can be quite complicated.


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