The Diary of a Young Cat  

By Sasha Roslin


March 7, 2016

5:30 a.m.

YAWN! That was a great sleep I just had! Anyway, yesterday I was so excited to write in you, diary. It was my b-day. I got you along with a can of tuna, some balls (I love to chase balls!) and a catnip mouse! ! But my humans said that I could only use you today ! Oh! The sun’s up! Got to go wake up my humans… I mean, see if my people are up!


March 7

8:00 a.m.

Turns out my people weren’t awake. But I was peckish, so I started purring and walking all over one of the kids. The girl slowly woke up and said, “Pretzel, you little devil!” (I knew she was joking, though.) Then from the other room, I heard the other girl say, “I’m not a devil, I’m a rambuuuuunnctious aaaaaaangel!”

Aaargh! I hate it when they try to mimic me! Anyway, back to what I was talking about! So the next thing I knew, everyone was yelling, freaking out and causing Saska (my cat friend who also lives here) to get so scared that she ran down the stairs. And it got so loud that the parents even woke up and told the two kids to quiet down: “Be quiet! You know there are people sleeping, right?”

Then I said to the two kids, “Yeah! Listen to your dad! Be quiet! My ears are bleeding!”

But all the kids heard from me were squeaks. One of the kids said, “Aw, she’s squeaking! I think she’s hungry! We should give her some BARF.” Now you’re probably thinking something like, “Barf? Oh, poor Pretzel!” But don’t worry because it’s not the barf that you are thinking of. It’s BARF, as in Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.


March 8

12:30 p.m.

My, that was fun! I just got let in, and guess what happened before that? I had a play date with Mike and Sully, my two best cat friends who live down the road!

I came over to their house, and poor Mike was being chased around the house by Botchy! ! She is a huge dog who lives with Mike and Sully. This needed the brave Saska! “Saska!” I cried, and only after I said that, I realized that was a BAD idea! !!!! Botchy spun around and charged straight at me!

I crouched down and hoped for something to happen… and then I got my wish. From out of nowhere, Saska jumped onto Botchy and scratched her up until Botchy ran away, screeching. Phew! I was really scared back there! Anyway, I had a lot of fun (after the “incident”) playing tag and chasing a ball. Too bad Saska left after she helped us with the “incident.” But she came back eventually because it sounded like we were having so much fun! And we were!



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