My Favourite Places in Montreal

By Sita Allard-Gregg.

Otaku Manga Lounge

photo credit:

This is a good place to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea and other Japanese foods, while reading your favourite manga! It has a great setup that makes you feel like I am in a whole new place! They sell Pocky!


Yuan Végétarien

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This is definitely one of my favourite places. It is an all vegetarian, Buddhist restaurant with a lot of variety. If you like pizza and you like sushi, here they have pizza-sushi that doesn’t really taste like pizza! Also, it is three blocks away from the Otaku Manga Lounge.


Montreal Botanical Garden

photo credit: MTL Blog

From the beautiful Chinese garden with lotuses and a waterfall, to the Japanese garden with the koi fish pond, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a great place to be. It even has indoor greenhouses that feel like the tropics.

In the autumn, they have a lantern festival with huge displays of lanterns in the water, all hung around the Chinese garden. Since the lantern festival is in the fall, they also have Halloween games setup. You can even see herons flying from time to time!


Loyola Park

20130624_145540 (2)
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This is a fun place to be. It has a soccer field, baseball field, a baby park, and an older kids’ park. The park was fully renovated a few years back and now they even added an additional splash park. They have a nice little garden, and in the spring all the flowers bloom on the trees, which makes it a good place to draw, read, or listen to music.



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