Climate Change and What We Can Do to Help Prevent It.


By Clara Barrington Craggs.

Climate change is a pretty big subject, but I would like to talk about things we can do to stop it.

Climate change is when global temperatures change, and there is a rise in global temperatures, but how does it work?

The most important gas in our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Our atmosphere has a perfect balance of gasses and just the right amount of solar rays coming through it and warming our earth. Many things produce carbon dioxide like factories, cars, and even our own bodies. That is normally fine because trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which would cancel it out. But now the human race is producing too much carbon dioxide. We have too many factories  producing carbon dioxide and not enough of us are acting against it to cancel it out. Some of us are but not enough.

All this carbon dioxide is starting to make our atmosphere very thick, which will result in all our warm air staying inside our atmosphere; therefore, our world will heat up.

There was another problem similar to climate change in the 1980s or 1990s: The ozone layer was thinning, thanks to a chemical called Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). It was generally used in spray paints and  foam sprayers. When our governments realized that our ozone layer was thinning, they decided to act on it. All the countries got together in Montreal and at a big conference called a COP. A COP, Conferences of the Parties, is a really big conference of all the countries, and they have different numbers to represent each year they meet. That day they decided to ban all CFCs from being used in the whole world. Of course there were still people illegally using it, but like most stories there was a happy ending. We managed to stop the ozone layer thinning  in time, and that is what we have to do with climate change, but how?    

Every year all of the countries’ representatives get together at a COP, but I think that all the leaders of our world need to have another COP and decide to do something about climate change.

On March 23, our nice new leader, Justin Trudeau, announced the national budget for 2016, which included something called the Low Carbon Economy Trust. It is a budget for the government to give as they like to start up ideas. He announced a total of 2 billion dollars for the fund, so we still have hope.

There are a few things that we could do with this money.

There are many exciting new ideas of how to change our ways, for example: There is this new form of transport that a company in the United States is building. It is called hyperloop designed by Elon Musk (founder of Tesla and Space X) and is basically a really big tube that traverses one place to another. Inside this tube travels a small vessel. This vessel floats through this depressurised tube at a total of 1,200 km an hour. So one could travel from Montreal to Toronto in 30 minutes, a journey that would normally take 5 hours by car.

Our government could invest in building these tubes, because they are very eco-friendly, or invest in electric buses, or help people buy electric cars, solar panels, or wind mills.

There are also lots of things that you can do to help our world. If you have the money, you too can buy an electric car. If you can do without a car even better! You can take the bus more or bike, walk, or use any other means of travel that doesn’t include driving. You can also purchase a Geothermal heating system. This is way of heating and cooling your house that is completely eco-friendly. And by taking a pipe deep down into the earth we can extract heat and  transfer it into our homes.

It is possible to stop climate change and we mustn’t give up. We must act soon or the future of our world will be gone!!!



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