A Novel Summary: Push Girl


By Iona Ellison.

Push Girl, a novel, is by Chelsea Hill and Jessica Love. It’s about a teenage girl who becomes handicapped.

Kara is a 17 year old who attends high school. Kara also goes to dance class every day after school.

One day Kara went to a back-to-school party, and on her way home she was hit by a drunk driver. After Kara was hit by the drunk driver, she was unconscious. She was knocked out for an hour before someone noticed. Then that person called the police to see what happened.

When Kara woke up, she was in a hospital. Then she looked up and asked, “How long have I been in this hospital?” Her mother said, “Three weeks.” Kara tried to get up but she said, “I can’t feel legs.” Then her mother said, “The drunk driver hit your car so hard that it did damage to your legs so you won’t be able to walk anymore.”

Kara was really in shock. She can’t drive anymore, so her friends drive her to school every day and back for now. So now she lives a happy life as a 17 year old teenager.


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