Should you buy an Apple Watch? Time to find out! 

By Jad.

I like technology. Sometimes Apple’s products interest me and sometimes they don’t. If you also like technology or gadgets and are considering buying an Apple Watch, here is some information to help you decide whether you might want one or not.

Designed in California and assembled in China, the Apple Watch ranges in price from 400$ to 20,000$ (not kidding), so you have three options: 1. You buy an Apple Watch instead of a new iPhone. 2. You buy the Apple Watch instead of a second hand Toyota. 3. You buy the Apple Watch instead of a first-hand Toyota. However, before we get into details, let’s get to know the Apple Watch a little.  It’s available in four models: the standard model, the sport model, the Hermès model and the edition model. Depending on which model you choose, you are presented with the following case material options: stainless steel, aluminum or 18-karat gold. There are also a variety of case colours available.

The watches come with different wrist-band textures and colours, although it is easy to buy additional wrist-bands and just swap them at any time. Is it comfortable? That depends on which wrist-band you choose and whether you like bulky watches or not, because this watch is bulky.

This high-priced gadget can be purchased in two display heights: 36mm and 42mm. By just pressing and swiping the screen, you have a few face options to choose from, such as analog or digital, with or without an image of Mickey Mouse, the globe, or a butterfly among others, or even live photos such as on the iPhone 6s.

The Apple Watch actually only has two buttons: the side button and the digital crown.  These two buttons can do various things. The side button can power-off or power-on the watch, connect to Apple Pay and show or hide so-called Friends. The digital crown can sleep or wake the watch, zoom or scroll, allow you to talk to Siri or return to the last app you were using. Of course, this watch is touchscreen, just like any other smartwatch, but these buttons facilitate its use quite a bit.

The battery life last up to 18 hours, depending on the complexity of the features used.  There is a microphone and a speaker. One thing I really don’t like is that it is only possible to talk on speakerphone since there is no earphone port. Another challenge with the watch is that when you are texting, no matter the size of your finger, you will often hit the wrong letters.

Although it is customary for people to check their heart rate when they are exercising, this smartwatch will automatically do it for you. From what I have read from various internet sources, however, the heart rate sensor seems to work well, but not too well. The Apple Watch has a built in accelerometer and a gyroscope. The watch is water-resistant, meaning that it is alright to get it a little splashed while washing your hands or walking in the rain.  However, it is not water-proof, so you should not wear it to go swimming.

This piece of tech runs on an operating system (OS) that Apple created. The current and newest update is called WatchOS2. The Apple Watch connects to an iPhone 5c or newer via Bluetooth, so if your phone is too far away, the watch will disconnect. And, it will not connect with an iPad or iPod, no matter what model it is. It is only possible to change the watch or rearrange the apps through the connected iPhone.

This modern toy comes with quite a few pre-installed apps that are not possible to delete.  These apps include: Alarm, Calendar, Camera, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Phone, Photos, Settings, Stocks, Stopwatch, Timer, Weather and a few more. In addition, there are over ten thousand apps you could download to your iPhone, and then send to the Apple Watch wirelessly. Navigating can be easy or difficult, depending on what you find easy or difficult.

So here are the purchase options when buying an Apple Watch:

  • Price: 400$ to 20,000$
  • Model: Standard, Sport, Hermès or Edition
  • Case material, depending on which model: stainless steel, aluminum or 18-karat gold
  • Wrist band texture and colour
  • Display height of 38mm or 42mm

In my opinion, the Apple Watch is a luxury item and not a must-have. I hope this article helped you decide if you want to spend your money on the Apple Watch or save it for some other cool gadget.


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