The Rabid Turtle and the Town


rabid turtle
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By Reuben.

Once upon a time, there lived a turtle… he was rabid. One day, rabid turtle decided to go to town. Because he wanted to.  When he arrived, everyone was interested in him… (He is a turtle.)  But what they didn’t know is that he was rabid. “A Turtle!” “WOW!”

“The President should see this!” they all said. Rabid turtle did not like that everyone was interested in him. People should just mind their own business! he thought, as he was walking on the sidewalk.

When suddenly he heard the voice of a grown man. “WOW! A TURTLLLLLE! I WANT IT AS A PET! RIGHT NOW!!” The man started to chase him. Rabid turtle tried to run, but he was too slow.

It’s no use! he thought. But then, he remembered that he is rabid. Just then, the man grabbed him.

10 seconds later: “OWWW OWW OW WOW OW!” The man cried as he dropped rabid turtle. “I’ll have my revenge!” the man yelled.

Rabid turtle leaped into the bushes. Once the man was out of sight, rabid turtle walked out from the bushes. “I want ice cream.” He said to himself.  So, he went to the ice cream truck and started eating ice cream. (Of course he didn’t pay for it.)

Then, the ice cream salesman came and yelled, “A TURTLE IS IN MY ICE CREAM!!!!!” Rabid turtle had to escape before some kind of S.P.C.A  person came. He knew what he had to do. As the ice cream salesman tried to grab him… *BITE!* “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It’s Rabid!!”

He yowled. Rabid turtle was sure that there where people running to the scene. He had to either jump or hide. I chose jump! he thought. Rabid turtle prepared to jump but just then, he realized that he would have to jump right into a wall! He looked behind himself to see how close the people were and he found that he was on camera! He didn’t want to be live on TV!  So he leaped at the news camera. *CRASH!* He landed right in the camera. (It broke.) Now that that’s done, I need to get out of here!! There are even pest control vans! How could I escape?“he thought as he looked around.

He spotted a power cable low enough to the ground for him to grab. If I grab that, it might not hold my weight… oh! That’s a GOOD thing! If I pull down that cable, the whole pole could come down with it! That would be a good distraction, he thought. So, he jumped towards the power cable, and gripped it in his jaws. He was just dangling for a moment until he heard something. “RUN!” he told himself as he let go of the cable.

He realized that he is a turtle, which means he is really slow. He kept on moving anyways. He heard some crashing and banging and yells and stuff. He stopped to look back. “Good, it’s over,” he said with a sigh. He needed to keep moving if he were to escape.

That was quite the adventure for one day.






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  1. Reub,,,,That was A Blast Reading!!!! WoW,,,How talented You are,,,,,FUTURE AUTHOR!!!! Love You,,,(Keep em coming)

    Liked by 1 person

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