The Wawel Dragon

By Roya 

Poland is the country where my mom was born. I go there every year for summer vacation. We go to a city called Krakow. In Krakow there are many tourist attractions, and one of them is the Wawel Dragon.

I will tell you the legend of the Wawel Dragon.

image1 (2)
Roya (right) visiting the Wawel Dragon in Krakow, Poland

Once there was a king who had many knights. But the king had a problem–near the castle there lived a dragon. The dragon ate the villager’s animals. The knights tried to defeat the dragon, but they never succeeded.

When a young boy came to the castle, he said he knew a way to get rid of the dragon. He killed a ram, stuffed it with sulphur, and put it in front of the dragon’s cave. The next morning, the dragon was happy to see breakfast. He ate it all, and then he was very thirsty. He drank up the whole river of Vistula. He was so fat that he popped!

The king was so happy he gave the boy lots of gold. And the statue of the dragon is in Krakow as a reminder of this legend.


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