Student Vote at Centre Communidée

By Eli Shiller

Student Vote is an organization that aims to give the future generations of our country the experience of voting by setting up a program that allows schools across the country to participate in elections. Kids’ votes do not count toward the actual election, but they are still counted and you can find the results at

Although this is a new thing to many people, Student Vote has been running since 2003, and just in the past election it went viral. In the election, held on October 19, 2015, over 850,000 students voted, which is a major improvement looking at previous elections.

The Student Vote results were very similar to the actual elections, with the Liberals winning a majority government. This is not surprising, considering that many children voted for the same parties as their parents.

Voter participation has been relatively low in Canada. In the past election only 68.5% of the population voted. Student Vote hopes to turn this decline around by educating and inspiring kids to vote in future elections.

Voter_turnout_in_Canada_1957-present (2)

I participated in Student Vote this year. It was a great experience. Some may think that Student Vote is just about the voting, but that’s not true.  Student Vote also allows children to explore further the structure of elections and the voting system by engaging them with political experts.

In our case, we invited Mr. Daniel Green, a candidate for the Green Party of Canada, to come and discuss his party’s platform. He was very nice, and he went into a lot of detail about what his party was going to do if they won the election. We also had a mini-debate discussing whether marijuana should be legalized or not. After putting it to a vote, the final decision was that marijuana should not be legalized.

I hope that you are now inspired to vote in future elections.


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