My Opinions on H2O Just Add Water


By Érica Charlebois-Vachon

H2O Just Add Water is an Australian drama fantasy TV series that you can find on Netflix or YouTube. It is a TV show for teenagers or children. The story is about three girls that are 16 and they become very special when you “just add water”! They transform into mermaids after being wet for 10 seconds! This series has three seasons that have around 26 episodes each, which last 24 minutes, and the series is now complete.

It all started when a girl named Cleo got trapped on a boat for which she did not have the key to unlock a door, and the boat started drifting away on the ocean. Then, Riki, a new girl at the school, saw her drifting, so she got the key and saved her. When Cleo saw her friend Emma, they invited her to come aboard. The three went on a ride but when they ran out of gas in the middle of the ocean, they managed to go on the nearest island named Mako Island because it was safer. But without knowing it, there was something incredible that was going to happen.

One thing that I like about H2O is that when there is action, it is not stressful. For instance, when there is a lot of action, magic is almost always used and it reminds us that whatever is happening it is just fantasy. I think it is impossible to watch an episode without laughing. When there is a fight and Riki is involved, for example, she always replies with something funny!

Another thing that I particularly like is that the story is based on real life scenarios, even though magic is added into it. Emma has ice powers so she can make ice appear anywhere. Riki, has the power to boil and make things hot, even so hot that things burn. Cleo can move water and make it the shapes she wants. But just imagine – if people discovered that, the girls would be studied in laboratories for the rest of their lives!

The three girls have to stick together, even if they don’t get along very well, to hide their secret. For example, Cleo and Emma are already friends but Emma and Riki are not always nice to each other. They received their magic at the same time, so it is easier to hide their secret together. They sometimes have to lie to their parents, and they lie to their friends too. But it’s possible that some of their friends know they have magic.

If you are interested to know the rest watch the show, H2o Just Add Water. I highly recommend that you do!


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