My Adventures on The Walk

By Soleyman Pierini

In May 2014, I was chosen to play a role in a movie directed by my favourite director, Robert Zemeckis – the director of Back to the Future, Cast Away, A Christmas Carol and many other great movies.

I played the role of the main character when he was a child, the young Philippe Petit, in the movie The Walk, released in theatres last October.

The Walk photo 6 copy

Philippe Petit is a great and unique High Wire Walker and The Walk tells the true story of his most famous quest: In fact, in 1974 Philippe Petit walked on a wire that he put between the Twin Towers of the New York World Trade Center.

I was chosen because I’m studying circus arts, and the director needed a boy able to walk on a wire. It was a really awesome experience. I met the real Philippe Petit who taught me some magic and juggling tricks, and I became friends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the great actor who played Philippe Petit’s role. I also met Jade Kindar-Martin, a famous High Wire Walker who doubled Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the most difficult scenes on the wire, and he became my mentor.

Everyone was really kind, and I will keep the beautiful memories of this experience in my heart forever.


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