My Performance at the 2015 Pierrefonds Track Meet

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By Caileb Ellison

On November 22nd an event to test a child’s physical prowess took place in Montreal. It was the annual Pierrefonds Indoor Track Meet. There was an 800 meter run, a 300 meter run, a 150 meter dash, a 45 meter dash, 45 meter hurdles, and a high jump, shot put, and, of course, a long jump competition.

The one rule for the tournament was that a participant could only participate in four of the events. There was a certain amount of time they would run an event for each age group. So the seven-year-olds, for example, would start but they couldn’t fit all the girls and boys in the same race, so they broke them up by age and gender. But they still couldn’t fit all the girls or boys into one race with everyone their age, so they had a couple races for one age group and then moved onto the next and so forth.

I chose the 800 meter run, long jump, 45 meter, dash, and shot put. To make a long story short, it was a rush. When I was running the 800 meter run and all eyes were on me, I felt great. But just as suddenly as it started, it ended. I didn’t make first place and I didn’t beat myself up about it either, because I ran it in 2:47.55.

Right after, I did the long jump.  It was a standing long jump, and I started with both feet on a line and jumped as far as I could. Well, I had practiced for the long jump with a running start, so my confidence going into this kind of jump was pretty low. But my trainer walked me through it, and I snagged second place at 2.18m!

The 45 meter dash was incredible. The Starter shot the pistol and the race was off. It was short but sweet. It was so short I didn’t think anyone would be as excited as they were; the crowd cheered so loud I had trouble concentrating. I came in first place but, unfortunately, last in the finals.

An hour after that I did shot put. The technique for this was that I had to put a weighted ball on my neck, twist, do a little jump and propel it forward. Surprisingly, I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would – 7.29m – although I didn’t make it to the finals.

After all the events were over and everything died down, they gave out the medals. I didn’t win any medals, but I had an amazing time and I’m going to participate again next year.


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